Hydronic heating circulates water heated in a central boiler through pipes to different registers located throughout a dwelling. Registers are heating units installed in each room which conduct or radiate heat provided by the heated water. Several different types of register are available with the most common being a convector heating panels (radiators). We can also install skirting convectors, trench convectors, radiant panels and underfloor coils.

A major advantage of conventional hydronic heating is that it is completely silent as it does not rely on blowing hot air from wall mounted units. Instead, each register uses convection or radiation to emanate warmth in a gentle and natural way. Not only does this distribute heat evenly throughout a room but it also avoids the recirculation of stale air back into the room. This is the main drawback of ducted heating and can be an issue for asthma and allergy sufferers as dust and allergens are circulated constantly through a dwelling. Hydronic heating, unlike ducted heating, does not dry out the air and so can maintain a healthy humidity level in every room. For these reasons, hydronic heating is used throughout the health industry to provide clean, safe and hygienic warmth.

Hydronic heating is also one of the most cost-effective forms of central heating. When compared to ducted heating, installing hydronic heating can save up to 20% in homes with lower ceilings and up to 50% in larger homes. One reason for this is the quality of our boilers which have efficiency ratings of 80-97%. Another reason is the flexibility of a hydronic heating system; while a central thermostat can control the temperature throughout your home, thermostatic valves can be installed in every room. With a thermostat assigned to every room, you have complete control over room temperatures and can heat rooms individually, allowing for maximum energy efficiency. You can also use hydronic heating not only for your central heating but also your domestic water heating as well as pool heating. With one central system you cut down on the high maintenance costs of using several separate systems.

We have chosen state-of-the-art thermostats to control our hydronic heating systems. These thermostats are simple and effortless to use; all you need to do it set it to your desired temperature and forget about it. The thermostat does the work for you, automatically maintaining preset temperatures in every room. What’s more, our hydronic heating is among the safest possible solutions for your home. Water circulating in the registers is heated to a moderate 60°C and so are safe to touch for children, pets and the elderly. With no electrical wires, open flames or high temperature fittings, hydronic heating provides reliable heating as well as peace of mind.

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