With many years of experience providing high quality heating systems to happy customers, we know that hydronic heating provides an efficient, economic and reliable heating solution for your home. Here are just a few of the many reasons to choose hydronic heating.


Hydronic heating is far more efficient at heating your home than ducted heating. This is because it uses heat energy stored in water to radiate heat from units in each room. Water is a much more efficient conductor of heat that the air used in ducted heating meaning less energy is needed to heat a room to the same temperature. Hydronic heating also distributes heat evenly throughout a room, so rooms with high ceilings are heated just as well as smaller spaces. Hydronic heating systems allow you to isolate thermostats for each room, meaning you only pay to heat the spaces that you need. This flexibility lets you turn off heating completely in unused rooms, or lower heating in bedrooms or bathrooms. Tailored system designs let you choose the size and number of radiators in your home, maximising energy efficiency and reducing your energy bills.

Environmentally friendly

With greater energy efficiency comes a reduced environmental impact and reduced carbon emissions. By installing hydronic heating in your home you are not only saving yourself money but you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. Giving you full control over the thermostat in each room allows you to use heating only when and where you need it, so you can tailor your heating to fit your lifestyle. Hydronic heating systems can warm even large rooms in minutes, meaning you don’t need to waste energy preheating rooms. With hydronic heating, you can heat your home knowing that you are doing so with the lowest environmental impact possible.

Improved air quality

Hydronic heating systems promote healthier air quality than ducted systems. This is because they do not recycle stale air through blowing units, which can circulate dust and aero-allergens around the home. Ducted heating can also produce dangerous by-products called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which can be dangerous to health, triggering allergic reactions and causing irritation in the sinuses, throat and eyes. Hydronic heating does not disturb allergenic particles nor does it produce VOCs. It also does not dry out the air, which can also cause irritation of the nose, throat and eyes, as well as lead to dry skin. Hydronic heating provides a safe, clean and hygienic warmth without compromising the health of your family.


A major drawback of traditional heating systems are the bulky and exposed units which can heat to very high temperatures and pose a serious burn hazard to children, pets and the elderly. Wood burners not only lose most heat through the chimney but also are a significant fire risk, as are electrical heaters. Hydronic heating is completely safe for all the family, as units are heated to a moderate temperature (around 60°C) and do not require any electrical cables.