An efficient, safe and reliable heating solution.

Hydronic Heating is unrivalled in its combination of silent, clean, safe and reliable heating. The gentle warmth of our Hydronic Heating is produced by recirculating hot water, which can be heated by LPG, a natural gas or a solid fuel fired boiler. Hydronic Heating is unique in the way that it mimics nature’s way of providing warmth, using convection and radiation. This is both efficient and reliable as it provides a constant wide-spread warmth, avoiding uncomfortable hot pockets or cold draughts. What’s more, this system does not dry out the surrounding air, and is the only heating system that can offer such quiet, hygienic and consistent warmth in your home.

A technically efficient system is key to saving you money when it comes to heating your home and our Hydronic Heating is one of the most cost-effective systems on the market. You can divide your home into heating zones, meaning you can control the temperature in different rooms and only use energy where you need it, saving you unnecessary energy costs. We are committed to providing you with affordable heating and are proud to announce that Hydronic Heating receives a 80%-95% efficiency rating.

Up to 30% of the population suffer from allergies, many of which are triggered by dust or allergens found in the home. Normal ducted heating systems re-circulate air which means recirculating dust and allergens with it. Hydronic Heating avoids this problem entirely by heating through radiation and convection. Ducted heaters can also dry out the air in your home, exacerbating allergic reactions and leading to a range of health problems including itchy throat and eyes, dry skin and irritated sinuses. Hydronic Heating spreads a gentle heat throughout the home which does not dry the air, and therefore provides a safer, cleaner and more hygienic heating solution.

With Hydronic Heating, all radiator panels are heated with mild temperatures of water (around 60°C) and so they are completely safe to touch. This is especially important for homes with children, pets or elderly family members.

What sets Hydronic Heating apart is that it is noise free; heated water circulates silently through the system providing a peaceful and constant warmth. With no noisy blowing air or humming of wall heating units, Hydronic Heating provides an unobtrusive heating system that you can easily forget about.

Hydronic Heating is simple and easy to use; just set the thermostat and let it do the work for you. With limited working parts – just the hot water boiler and the pump kit – hydronic heating is incredibly low-maintenance. This makes our system one of the most reliable on the market, saving you money year after year. Our manufacturing is second-to-none and with our long term warranties you can be sure that you will have affordable and reliable heating for many years to come.